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1749 - The Incredibles (U)(Venom)
1749 - The Incredibles (U)(Venom)
Size: 64 Mbit
Language: English
Save Type: No Save (Password)
Posted by Teck @ 110204
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Today or anytime soon This forum Invision Board 1.3 final will be upgraded to Invision Board 2.0 . This will offer us some extra options and looks and is much better.
I have promoted and demoted some members.
-gab8 --was Moderator-->Promoted to Super Moderator
-Soupbadger --was member -->Promoted to Moderator
-Ghost Assasin--was members -->Promoted to Moderator
-Zegg90 --was uploader-->Demoted to member
I have installed a mail service for our members.
you can register here and get your email now.
To use this email on MSN messenger you need to register it to a net passport.
There is where you register. After you register you need to validate it and you are all set.

Enjoy Guys.

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Level 3 is up!!!
Posted By: kelvin @ Jul 1 2004, 01:33 AM
I made some changes with the levels. Here are some new changes.
I added a new group. It is called Super Elite. You need 200 posts.
Level1= 20 posts are needed. (Full member status are needed)
Level 2= 50 posts are needed. (Elite member status are needed)
Level 3= 200 posts are needed.(Supermoderator, moderator, and
super elite only)
For every level afterward, you need 300 posts. We need to stop leechers and try to provide the best service to our delicated members.
The staff really appericated the people who have supporting shadyroms by clicking on the advertistment. We just hope that someone makes a download mod that let you use money to buy the download. It would make life easier.
Posted By: shady_chocobo @ Jul 1 2004, 04:27 PM
A good friend Kelvin has started his hosting company .
His site truly does have the cheapest hosting and reliable speeds.
This company also has the service of building your site for you with forums so that it looks just like shadyroms or even better blink.gif
So if anyone needs cheap and reliable hosting go to or PM Kelvin.
EDIT: Look at what they have to bring to your site Look LOOK and thats only the tip of the iceberg...


Posted By: kelvin @ Jun 13 2004, 06:45 PM
The staff are going to put up more psx isos soon. Please go to your destinated area and request your isos. It will be up ASAP. We need more members to click on the advertistments at the top right corner. We need your support or our forum is going to die soon. If we get more clicks, we will get our own host. That's mean more roms and isos for the members. Your help will be greatly appericated. cool.gif

Note: The staff have over 500 psx isos. The host for isos are temporary until the forum gets its own host. The advertistments are in the portal.

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ShadyRoms is under construction. Please be patient. Thank you.
February 16, 2004
ShadyRoms Coming Soon
ShadyRoms is coming soon so be patient.

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